Parenting and the Technology Drug

As a concerned parent, born before the internet took over our lives, I am unsure of how to deal. At the moment, I follow the "best to say no when you're unsure" line of thought. Tell me more?



It all started when we went to get my visa renewed. The grumpy woman at the counter said it didn't matter that I had a monthly income and was paying tax because it was far more important that I had the B1 certificate from an integration course.

Sharing Milestones

Two of my closest friends got married over the last few weeks (not to each other). That's two weddings I've missed because of distance. Even though not being there completely sucked, I've realised that it doesn't change our importance in each others' lives.

Sick Day

This week, my old friend Period came to visit after a long time. But some South Indian comfort food made her stay a lot easier to handle!

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