Sick Day

This week, my old friend Period came to visit after a long time. But some South Indian comfort food made her stay a lot easier to handle!


Flash Non-Fiction 2.0

Flash non- fiction is non-fictional work of "extreme brevity that still offers character and plot development."


On the one hand, it feels like this year has been each day dragging through to the next- like that feeling of your feet sinking deeper as the wave of water recedes into the ocean. On the other, these last twelve months have whizzed by in a flash and dropped a beautiful little boy in our hands, like watching the waves and constantly being fascinated without worrying about how much time has passed!

My Postpartum Body

K is just over six weeks old now. For him, that means starting to adjust to the outside world even as we continue to mimic his former home of nine months. For me, it means, feeling a bit like my pre-pregnant self.

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