Christmas is a Feeling…and it’s Not Blue!

This one is with a happy ending. I think it was really difficult to fight off the festivity in a country that takes Christmas so seriously! The general aura of a gloomy, gray Hamburg, changed to one of celebration and excitement in anticipation of Christmas with the setting up of the Christmas markets and lights around the city. I experienced my first Advents calendar and we kept an Adventskranz at home- counting down four Sundays to Christmas Day.  Mulled wine (or Glühwein in German) became everyone’s favourite drink- mine as well. My favourite version is Heiko made 🙂

I was forcefully taken the market in our tiny Harburg suburb when I finally shook off the bad and embraced the goodness! My first Christmas here was marked by mugs from every market I went to- in Harburg, Hamburg and Leer (Heiko’s hometown).  I never thought that Germany could be so colourful and festive. I learnt about German cuisine, saw kids playing instruments, Russians in costumes, Germans with saxophones-   all singing carols on the streets. Scores of people came out to eat, drink and be merry- but all still sincerely disciplined and walking on their right side so as not to disrupt any lines.

Heiko and I were also looking forward to making our Christmas video- something we wanted to give our family and close friends. It took a week to plan and an evening to shoot- equally fun and exhausting. Once we made it, we still had a week and half to be able to show everyone and I think that was more difficult than making it or shooting it!

Watch the video here

We spent 24th and 25th at Hesel, with Mama. It was so much more exciting than I thought. Even though Heiko had the sniffles, we managed an evening of church, music and the best food! There was a tree and gifts underneath it. We exchanged gifts and hugs and thank yous before calling it a night.

We took a long walk into the forest, passing other families, petting some dogs, and worked up an appetite for a yummy fruit cake and tea. It was the first time since I got here that I’ve felt like I was home- doing things that you do with your family. So what if it wasn’t a white Christmas! I got to spend it with my husband and German Mama!

Today, as I write this on what is called the Second Christmas Day here, I think how lucky I am to be here – with family and friends almost all over the world who care enough to keep in touch- even if it’s only on birthdays and special occasions, reassuring that love beats distance. Now I can see that I have the best of both worlds- of living with so many cultures. Even though it can be frustrating, I can’t deny that it is enriching.

My love and hugs for India is on its way and hopefully reaches soon (please, India Post!) By then, Heiko and I would have made a trip to Amsterdam. (So excited!)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


5 thoughts on “Christmas is a Feeling…and it’s Not Blue!

  1. First married Christmas. And ya! You are right. I don’t want to miss any second. It was awesome! Ya, I was more busy cleaning my nose, sneezing and had no energy. But to be with some of the favourite people is the the real joy of christmas. Touching summary of (y)our christmas time. 🙂

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  2. I love all your blogs. so lovely and touching ! 3 years there and I was madly in love with everything about Deutschland. Being back in India for my family makes me miss it so much. I relived every moment through your blogs:)

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