A Longer Snow Rendezvous

After a not-so white Christmas, the weather promised some snow this week.  When I first witnessed it in late November, I was enthralled. Its beauty is inexplicable- I’ve never seen anything so pure, white and magnificent. On a train journey to the city, I peered through the windows and thought it looked like the inside of a snow globe- absolutely magical!

The morning of the snowing, I was really excited. The forecast said -6 degree Celsius! Lots of snow (I thought).  I expressed this excitement to Heiko and he looked very amused. “What?” I asked. He said, “Just because the temperature is so low, it doesn’t mean it’s going to snow. You know that right?”


“When it’s above zero, it doesn’t mean it’s raining all the time!”

My non-scientific mind couldn’t wrap its head around this obvious fact. I was shattered- like being told Santa wasn’t real, or that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist! Something you always knew but never really thought about. Zero degree Celsius doesn’t necessarily mean snow. Sigh….

The weather God was good to me- it did snow that day and it did cheer me up. But I have witnessed non-snow the last couple of days even in negative temperatures. Although there were no tiny snowflakes, there were tiny bird tracks.

After three days, it’s finally getting warmer and now I see the dirty aftermath. Dirty because of people and everything man-made of course. The cars, the shoes, the walking, and the driving- it’s so easy to mar the pure white. This is the before and after of the front of the house:

Could look like sand on the beach, but that’s total deception. They’re like slushy rain days on pavements, when you bring wet, muddy shoes inside the house. Not nice.

What I’m trying to say is, even the snow (and non-snow) made me grow up a little. The best part? Being outside with bare feet – no really. Look!



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