Our Kleine Maus- Sophie Kutty

From this post, it’s obvious how much I’ve missed living with dogs. They’ve filled a void in my life since I was 6. It’s arguably the thing I missed most about moving here- having a furry friend to cuddle and play with (and sometimes cry on).

Before I start, you have to understand this difference:

In India, adopting a puppy is very easy- I would take a stroll, find a stray and bring him/her home and give him/her a bath, take him/her to the vet, make sure (s)he’s ok, and that’s about it- friend for life! Alternatively, buying a bred puppy is only a little more complicated because it involves money and some more searching.

In Germany, there are laws, passports, microchips, taxes and insurance. It’s almost like adopting a baby. We found an NGO called Pro Animal Welfare on Facebook that works to rescue puppies and one post was a whole bunch of pictures of puppies in a shelter in Romania. Heiko explained the process to me to the best of his knowledge- whether bred or rescued, it involves some amount of money and paperwork.

So, that brings us to last December- the picture of a white and beige puppy with big brown eyes, as if lined with Kajal (eyeliner) captured our hearts. We got to choose her name. After 4 months of communication back and forth, our little Sophie was on her way home. After a 28 hour journey (for her) and a sleepless night (for us), we met our then six month old dog-daughter.


It’s been a little more than a month since she got home and she makes this house visibly more happy! We’re still learning about her and she is learning about us.

She is sleepy, active, naughty, goofy, well-behaved, cuddly and loves her alone-time. She is already spoilt (she gobbles up boiled chicken and rice but prefers to starve if she doesn’t like her food). She can be very embarrassing at the vet, crying and trying to make the other waiting dogs misbehave. She has her Sheldon Cooper-like spot. She runs to meet and make new dog friends on our long walks. She thinks flowers play with her and grass is her best friend. No, scratch that- Fanta is her best friend! She runs in big circles like a bird released from its cage- free and full of energy.

She is our baby and our muse, and we’re so thrilled to be dog parents!

There will be plenty of Sophie stories, I can assure you 🙂


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