Exceeding Lowest Expectations

I had an exciting evening watching my first Hindi movie at the cinema here. No, not just any Hindi movie, but a Shah Rukh Khan movie Fan. I am one, or used to be (I’m thinking about it). I found Ra One, Happy New Year, Chennai Express all very entertaining under the “leave your brain at home, don’t think too much, just enjoy the movie stars, songs” category.

If you know what I’m talking about then I know to expect some judgement here. But it gets better (or that’s what I thought at first). I knew, going in, not to expect a lot. Here is the trailer for Fan if you want to watch it:

I walked in, with a couple of Indian friends with the lowest of expectations, thanks to the last SRK flick, Dilwale, which was just beyond terrible and it left me wondering…well, a lot of things about cinema and its standards.

Fan fared well in my mind, at least while watching it. Yes, it was dramatic, unreal and illogical, but that’s most of SRK’s movies lately. In spite of the usual brainless-ness, there was something to take away from this movie after all:

There was no female lead dancing to an item song. This was a thriller and an interesting one. It was one actor in two roles -as a successful  actor and a look-alike, obsessive fan. From Delhi, Mumbai, London to even Dubrovnik, these big budget movies are trying really hard to fit in a globe of multiple pins.

Despite its many flaws, Fan has an important message: how damaging it can be to unhealthily obsess over, worship and idolise film stars (and this is a rage in India where there are temples built after specific actors). Just in case that point didn’t come through, there are dialogues between the actor and his fan to spell it out in the final confrontation  scene. One last time, I’ll reiterate actors are normal people, like you and me, just with more money and screen time. Ok?

I usually feel full and happy after watching a good/ entertaining movie. I felt it then, (in retrospect, I think because I felt  like I was transported to India) but this bubble burst the next morning when I read something on my Facebook news feed about how our standards of “superstar” films have dropped so low that watching a mediocre one calls for appreciation.

Even with bad CGI, this film is worth a one-time  watch. If you don’t look for logic, and don’t question the narcissism, you should be able to enjoy it!


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