Long Walks, Longer Thoughts

One of the things I love about living in this house is the park next door. It’s not just a park, it’s also a graveyard from the First World War.


Since Sophie came into our lives, we walk through there at least twice a day, every day. You might think that’s monotonous and could get routine, but it hasn’t, not yet. It is quite a large area that then leads to a lake close by.

Every day, I discover new pathways and new areas along with Sophie. While she smells the grass, plays with the flowers and explores newness with her superhero smelling powers, I’m reading gravestones of people long gone, spotting birds I’ve never seen before, or rabbits and just thinking a lot about…well, lots of things.

There’s a story everywhere, isn’t there? In one particular section, you can tell that it’s a war memorial. Paul Friedrichsen was definitely a war hero, along with others.


Then again, there are other graves (sometimes entire families)  that are probably not related to the war at all. I say this because of the dates on the stones. But it makes me wonder what kind of lives these people had, war-torn or not, happy or not, peaceful or not. It is a little eerie, thinking about death and what you want to leave behind.

There’s a long straight path, with turns and circles. At first, we started walking on the path that has been laid. When we got more familiar, we started taking turns to explore other parts, and now, we also walk through the grass, on the less walked area. The metaphor is fitting, yet overwhelming!

The second best part, is that I had the courage to do this with Sophie. I think if I had to do this alone, it would have taken me ages. But the best part, is when you stop a moment and turn around, to see how much you’ve walked and how far you’ve made it. That is the motivation to keep moving.

But when it is time, there’s always a clear, undisturbed path leading back home 🙂