Touring Hamburg in Five Hours

One of my closest friends visited us over the weekend. We chose Monday to see the city, and Sunday to do Sunday things (especially since most places are closed). Monday was the perfect, warm, spring day to go out as well!

Unfortunately, Heiko had to work so it was just Shreyas and I. Fortunately, now that we are used to family and friends visiting us, I know enough of the city to show them around.

But this Monday, I was particularly proud. Without maps, without help from Google, I knew which train to take and what direction to walk in, having been to these places at least once before.

Since we live in Harburg (in the south), we started from the farthest station (according to my plan) by the S-Bahn in an S3, Landungsbrücken. We walked through the Old Elbe Tunnel, the one used for pedestrian crossing to the other side of the Elbe. Although we didn’t cross it, it was a pleasant walk with a cool breeze as we looked at the various  Terracotta decorations along the pathway. We got out and  walked to the edge of the port and sat down with a cone of Pommes (french fries) with yummy Mayonnaise and fried onions.

Our next stop was Baumwall in a U3 to St. Michael’s church- twice rebuilt, once because of lightning strike in 1750 and the second time because of the infamous Hamburg fire (1906). Its stunning architecture and interiors beckons at least a half hour visit. After lighting candles in the main hall of the church, we proceeded to see remnants of old, damaged parts along with tombs in the Crypt and later climbed the Tower for a panoramic view of Hamburg.


My most favorite place in Hamburg is the view of the Alster from the Jungfernstieg pavilion. It’s extra special because Heiko proposed to me at The Alex, a restaurant by the lake. Needless to say, that’s where Shreyas and I got some coffee, watching the fountain in the middle of the lake playing with the sun by making rainbows and had long conversations about all sorts of things.


We then made our way back to Harburg to shop a little bit, and also had some classic North German Currywurst.

Our evening was calm and quiet affair with dinner, beer and the latest episode of Game of Thrones. If you watch it, then you know it resulted in a long discussion following shocking scenes (don’t worry, there are no spoilers here).

That was my crash-course tour of Hamburg! Here’s hoping that I discover more and more of this beautiful city, and with every step, a weird sort of pride in calling it my home 🙂



2 thoughts on “Touring Hamburg in Five Hours

  1. Beatiful pics! Would love to visit Hamburg someday. And about GOT, I finally had the time to watch it yesterday..unfortunately not before I came across some spoilers in facebook!☹️ Nonetheless it was still awesome!

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    1. Thank you! When you do visit, let me know! And about GoT, I always stay away from social media between the time that the episode is out and the time I watch it. That somewhat helps. Haha!


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