Disaster Averted

Last Monday was a public holiday because of Pfingsten. I loved that it was a longer weekend because that means Heiko gets more time at home. It was a well-planned day- I was going to make a Kolkata style biriyani (according to this recipe). Making it was a long-ish process. So it seemed like a good idea to shower after I assembled it for the last stage of cooking.

Little did I know that this would wreck havoc that afternoon. I got into the bath tub, removed my rings to put on the window sill, and as I started to unhook my chain, I had a feeling it wouldn’t go smoothly. Sure enough, my  Thaali fell and went straight into the drain. Before I continue, you have to understand the significance of this:

Neither Heiko or me are very religious, so him being a Christian and me being Hindu are not so important for us. Since ours was a Hindu wedding, the thaali is an important part of our marriage. According to the scriptures, it signifies the long life of my husband and identifies me as a married woman in society. Mine is a chain with a pendant of the family crest on it.

So, the thaali fell straight down the drain. I immediately screamed and called for the husband. He rushed to get tools and we spent the next half hour trying to get it out and broke a couple of bathroom tiles trying to reach the pipes. This whole time, I was imagining a situation where we had just left it there and I had to visit my family and tell them about this stupidity. I thought about all the yelling and telling off- my mother being disappointed, my grandparents completely paranoid, long lectures from my aunts and jokes from my cousins.

Even though it came out the way it did- water from the tap into the pipe with some other stuff that I would rather not talk about, I was so happy to remove it from the dirty little bowl we collected all of it in. I immediately washed it with soap and clean water but haven’t gotten around to wearing it since. It is safe on the dressing table. I should be able to wear it in a few days. Maybe.

Nonetheless, my husband is my hero. I had given up, he didn’t. I have never been more glad that the man of the house decided to solve a problem (a dirty one at that) with all his tools. And as for me, I know not to try to take it off again anywhere near any drain.

P.S. In case you were wondering about the Biriyani, it was devoured post said mishap.


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