Making Our House a Home

Our apartment in terms of furniture, lighting and all those aesthetic things is still a work in progress. That apart, I can positively say that it is now our home. Here are some of the things we did to ensure that. Of course, this largely depends on each one’s description of what makes a house a home. Thankfully for me and my husband, we have similar ideas on the subject.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so imagine a few hundred pictures. This wall was planned even before we moved here.Since we had over 400 pictures to print, we thought it best to get them printed back in India. When my parents visited, they brought these and I spent three days putting them up. We hope to fill up all the white spaces as well. So many memories, so many stories- all in our living room. Go away, homesickness, and make way for warm, fuzzy feelings!


Art is subjective, but most importantly, therapeutic. During the initial months, when Heiko went to class and I was home, this white table  was inviting. I have painted on my walls before (in Bangalore), so I was itching to do more of that. Then plain white, now filled with my doodles, and some movie quotes that we like…Ta Da! Here is our art-i-fied television table.

This is how we're decorating one part of the house. #WorkInProgress

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We love dim, romantic lighting. So there are lots of fairy lights and candles. Our corridor is lined with this:

Just some cool lights at home! #Fairylights #BeerBottles

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Our window sills are lined with more candles, photo frames, a snow globe and other things that have significance. Our refrigerator door is going to be filled with postcards of the places we’ve gone to. The idea is to make it feel like home to us whether it’s pictures, old tickets and coasters…the point is none of it has to be perfect. It just needs to trigger that happy feeling or a memory.

Do you have any quirky home decor?


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  1. O boy! That wall looks like a TON of work. But what a wonderful way to reminisce on such happy memories 🙂 We have a photo wall with 9 framed pictures and just aligning those perfectly drove me mental 😀

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