Bring On the Second Quarter!

One of my close friends turned 25 a day before me. His reaction to reaching the big number was something on the lines of conquering the years that are to come till he was 50! It’s a wonderful way to look at it if you think about it. Like a sort of reset button every time you hit 25, a second quarter, with all the growth and wisdom, the mistakes and silly things of the first.

To finish my birthday week in style (yes, that’s a thing, and the birth day, week and month are crucial to celebration), a couple of our friends visited yesterday. I love late birthday gifts, and the ones I got yesterday were as thoughtful as thoughtful can be.

A month ago we were filling out our family calendar. When we reached the all important date in June, Heiko started writing an essay to fill up that one tiny line. He came up with a theme for the day, inspired by the Game of Thrones line ‘Winter is Coming’ and was mighty pleased with himself with the play of words. Wait for it…it’s ‘Wrinkle is Coming’. Did you laugh?

Anyway, so yesterday, I got this:

Dragon Egg

Very cool, no? I am absolutely in awe of it. My own “dragon egg” with an ‘anti-wrinkles are coming’ cream by Melisandre. Hahaha! I love everything about it- the creativity, the commitment to said theme, and just the geeky fandom for GoT. We even waited to watch last week’s episode together, telling ourselves what the advantage will be- we won’t have to wait another week for the next. We even had two kinds of muffins to represent the Dragon Queen and John Snow. More than the gift itself, I adore the friends who gave this to us. They are my favorite people in Germany.

It began that birth day afternoon when my parents surprised me with all the purple flowers available on Euroflorists, even wrapped in purple (my favorite color is purple, if that wasn’t obvious). It is only the second birthday I am spending away from them and when this got delivered, I got teary. It was an instant fix to my slight sulking about Mamma’s mango pickle getting spoiled the day before. I won’t eat more pickle till August, but I still had something from my parents that day!

The evening was spent at my first, real concert, and after, as Heiko and I sat at our favorite cafe with a view of the Alster, sipping on hot chocolate, I looked out into the lake and thought about how loved I am, and how much love there is to give. I felt like I was home. I’ve felt that way before but this time was different. It felt more permanent, with an assurance of lingering on. I have felt more happy this last week than I have in the last few months, not because money and time was spent, but what that stands for.

Source: PTX Facebook page
Source: Flicker

I feel grateful that I have reached a stage where I have accepted the change around me and am working towards internalizing it. There is a lot of change still left to accept, but I feel like I’ve found the general direction towards the path forward. It is somewhat clearer and less foggy.


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