“Just Need Love”

I started my morning by watching some clips of Seth Meyers and John Oliver discussing Donald Trump. In the wake of the Orlando shooting, it is important to remind ourselves that love triumphs over hate, despite what a certain ill-informed presidential nominee claims.

As I continue the day with a side of music, it is particularly uplifting as I listen to this particular Coldplay song. But don’t just listen, watch this video. The first time I watched it, like most other friends, I loved how different and new it is, not just in terms of what is in it, but also how the ideas and implementation were put together, technically.

Music is the essence of love and togetherness, and the good kind of music always yields some much needed perspective. I’m sending some optimism and love into the universe with this song along with a reminder of how this song ends- not matter what our struggles, individual or together, “don’t ever give up”.


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