Wrap it Up

Getting creative with food is a different kind of delight. I tried something the other day for dinner- it has the freshness and crispness of salad, the succulence of meat and the goodness of cheese, with a side of bacon!

To satisfy my craving for Kebab Manor shawarma (located at RT Nagar main road in Bangalore), I put this together:

What you need for one wrap:

1 Malabar parota or roti or tortilla wrap

A dash of salad ( I used lamb’s lettuce, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber) seasoned with lime juice, salt and pepper

Aioli (Garlic creme)

1 chicken filet

2-3 slices of bacon

Sprinkle  of Feta cheese


In a pan, fry the bacon to your liking (I don’t like it too crispy). Remove and keep aside. In the same pan, with the leftover bacon oil, fry the chicken filet. Season with salt and pepper. After it is cooked and not so hot, slice it up. Use the same pan to cook the parota. I added some butter for more flavor and gluten.

Lay the parota on a flat surface, smear with a layer of Aioli. Add the salad, then place the chicken slices. Finish it off with some Feta chunks.

I prefer enjoying the bacon as a side, but you could lay it on top of the chicken. Also, depending on the size of the parota (and this one was quite small), it could be eaten like a wrap or a soft-ish taco.

Yummy in the tummy!




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  1. Babushka says:

    Omg that shawarma! I’ve been dreaming of it for EVER! This looks refreshingly delightful 🙂


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