I’ve had some ideas for posts and I’ve even written them down but I won’t lie. I’m a little glad that I didn’t have the energy to type it, because I’ve been too tired to do anything but go to bed at the end of the day. I type this away now as Sophie curls up on my lap after giving me (what I assume is) a “I’m a little cuddly at the moment” look 🙂

A lot has changed since my last post. I feel like I have finally arrived in Hamburg, mentally. Even officially, I now have a residence permit card (and it is quite fancy looking). I am learning German and I’m loving it. I am as diligent a student as I can possibly be, even if it means doing my homework before getting to class. Ah…school 🙂

Deutsch homework and football. Where's my beer and currywurst? #SecondHome #GermanThings

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#Doodle kind of day. #deutsch #backtoschool

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Today, in German class, we talked about “Heimat”- homeland. One of the practice  exercises were to write down what homeland means to us and associate each letter with a word. Here is mine along with a classmate’s.


Translated, mine is (left):
H- Dogs (Hunde)
E- Husband and parents (Ehemann und Eltern)
I- India (India)
M- Mine (Meine)
A- Adventure (Abenteuer)
T- Dance (Tanz)

My classmate:
Eine Tag
Meine Eltern

Meaning,”One day, I have to meet my parents”. He explained how he wanted to use  “hug” instead of meet but it didn’t fit.

Every time I am in this class, I feel humbled by the people around me and their experiences of how they arrived here and what they live like. I feel more and more grateful everyday for what I have, and what I want to complain about keeps becoming smaller and smaller.

I’m not just learning German, I’m learning how tough life can be for different people in different circumstances. It’s vastly different than watching some report on the news or reading about it on my news app. I have the opportunity to talk to people who have left their home, their parents and their whole family for a better life. Another classmate simply said, “We lost everything”, after he described his journey from Damascus, Syria to Hamburg through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Austria.

I come home everyday feeling proud of being in a country with a leader who works to include and integrate. I am proud to be living here and going to this school and this class, to know these people and hear from them. I am proud of how brave they are and are still willing to fight through all of it for a better life.I am proud that they wake up everyday and show up to class.  I am proud of them for not giving up, for not letting life beat them down, for standing up, in spite of the odds.


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