Ode to My Ring Maker

Last June, Heiko sat across the table from me at a Café while we sipped away our respective hot chocolates before asking me to marry him. It was a very special evening and the rest, well…now I’m writing this a year and a month on.

The very special part of the proposal was the fact that he didn’t think any ready-made ring was good enough for me. So after some talks between my parents and him ( ones I wasn’t aware of), he carefully thought out and designed every little detail and made my ring along with one of our dear friends who happens to be a goldsmith. Thanks to smart phones and cameras, this process was documented.

Two weeks ago, while cleaning, I decided to put these pictures together in the way that I saw them- the story of how my ring was made. So here it is:



And there it is in our living room, as a reminder to me that I am his special woman, that I am so loved that he decided to make something unique that is just mine and for me, that he is the cheesiest, most romantic man who would do anything to make me happy.

It is my way of not taking him for granted, because love like this should never be taken for granted. It is a photo story of how hard he worked before we decided to live this life together. It reminds me that we need to feed our love, every day. It also reminds me that our rings are a symbol of what we want our relationship to be- strong and continuing to strengthen, space to grow individually and together, and a fortress of home, of love and happiness.


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