Flash Non-Fiction  

Random things I want to post because I currently deal with a virus attack on my precious laptop: 

* It’s been a little over a week since I started work. It’s great to have this feeling back. I love that I don’t have enough time in a  day to do everyhting I want to do. 

* Getting used to routine is tiring, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been up at 7 am and back in bed before 10pm for a whole week. Want to change that over the weekend.

* I feel like the luckist girl to have the husband I have. He has been making and packing lunch for me every day, had dinner ready for when I’m back. If not for him, I would have starved or eaten junk.

*Working in a muti-cultural office is so fantastic.When we are gathered in groups, I look around and beam with pride at how diverse we are and how much there is to share and learn about each other and where we come from. 

*Mondays are still Mondays and Fridays are Friyays. But that hot cup of mocha does magic on much needed caffeine Monday mornings.

*Skype time with Amma is still what completes my day

*Sophie has become such a well trained dog- ready to leave the house when we are ready, walking into the trains like she owns them, accompanying Heiko at work and getting back home with him, jumping around in excitement as she sees me after a whole day (what is a week in her head probably). Good dog! 

*My mother in law is the cutest! Kassler (smoked pork chops) in the middle (well, end actually) of summer. Christmas dinner in September. Just for me! 

*Walking down a Hamburg street listening to Tamil music feels rebellious and awesome! (I don’t know why I chose rebellious)

Top of the Monday to you, dear reader! May the week be filled with excitement and experience! 

P.S update on laptop- back to normal 🙂 


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  1. I felt a change in myself too, I noticed that whenever I traveled abroad I heard to a lot of Indian music and while in town never had any inclination towards….maybe it’s just an inner feeling that helps us stay still connected to our roots 🙂

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