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This last week whole month is a special one, every year. It is the month of the most beautiful and the bravest woman I have, and will ever know. Mamma is my first home, my best friend, the person I look to when I’m in trouble, when I’m sad. She’s also the first woman I think about when I have to make any major decision and how it might affect her.

I am so blessed and privileged to have strong, loving mothers in my life other than her- my grandma, my aunts (maternal and paternal), Aunty B, my mama-in-law, Aunty N, and just so many many women around me who love me and and have shaped, and continue to shape my life. But Mamma, Amma, Ma, whichever one, she knows it’s her – she is my number one.

One of the earliest memories I have of her office is this quote:

” A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.”

I read them and they made sense, it’s in simple English. It’s still there, on her bulletin board (yes, she has her own board,my successful mother). I have re-read it a lot over the years and each time, those words make more and more sense. Each time, I read it and look at her and think, “It’s true. I’ve watched you do it.”. She’s not perfect, neither am I, no one is. But loving the imperfections is what unconditional is, isn’t it?

It’s an extra special year, because this year marks her 50th birthday. It broke my heart when I discovered I couldn’t be there with her. But then again, it reminded me that the farther I am from her, the more I appreciate her and value her in my life.

Number 1. #Unconditional #Love #Mamma #Throwback

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Amma, I have taken you for granted all these years and now as I take a step towards building my life the way you have built yours, with love and affection, with a fair conscience and with principles, I look up to you, as I always have, now more in awe than before because of how easy you made everything seem. Now not taking you for granted, and making sure every step I take, I make sure I live up to being your daughter. I want to make you proud because I represent you and what you stand for. That is my greatest privilege.

Thank you, for being you and letting me be me. Thank you, for showing me how magical the world is even when we have witnessed the cruelest parts of life. Thank you, for always smiling, for hugging me and showering me with kisses whether I needed it or not. Thank you, for that enthusiastic spirit that makes you learn to book movie tickets or call a cab or upload a photo or video on your Facebook- all at the touch of a button and to Daadu and my surprise).

Thank you for letting me bully you and scream at you when I’m mad, thank you for laughing instead of getting irritated when I move your bindi around when you’re trying to nap. Thank you, for learning all the lyrics and the tunes to the songs I make you listen to when we’re in the car together.

Thank you, for being the most resourceful, resilient problem-solver and doing it with so much grace and poise! The world is blessed to have you, Mamma!


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  1. Thank you thannu….Its such a pleasure having you as our daughter even though with all ups and downs… You are my world and you know that baby…..Love you always where ever you are.

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