Deepavali Nalvazthukkal

This festival season has me being very nostalgic, as is the cliche. Starting from Dusshera and Vijaya Dashmi and now Deepavali, I miss the first home- getting the lights out and decorating the house, dressing up, the rituals, the family gatherings, the big round table lunches and dinners and just how much yummy food seems to appear, like magic! It is, without a doubt, the prettiest, most beautiful festival of the year- what can compete with colourful flowers and warm candles, right!

As my Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of selfies, family photos and decorations that come with this week, I am reminded of how this time is for family and friends to come together, laugh, talk, argue, celebrate the victory of goodness over evil and share the spoils. Here is my compromise for not being around my big, fat family- lighting up this home and sharing the Indian sweets I make with as many people as I can- the more the merrier, they say.

This is what Diwali is to me: that first Diya (lamp) is the source of everything. Nothing can stop lighting tens and hundreds of diyas once the first is lit. It is the biggest sign of hope and the surest sign of love and beauty in my world.


4 thoughts on “Deepavali Nalvazthukkal

  1. Its so nice to see you lighting lamps, making sweets etc and celebrating your own way in your new world….love you baby


  2. Happy diwali Sandhya! And I live in Germany as well and quite like how you touch on certain themes that resonate so well with me. I would love to get to know you better.
    Please write to me at Hope to hear from you soon 🙂



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