Reliving Christmas

A month ago. That’s when I wrote my last post, or even attempted to write. Not that there weren’t ideas floating around, yes but that’s why, no? There were floating and I just let them float. But here is my justification (-ish): This month is so uneventful, I wanted to relive December, just a little longer. I will snap back to 2017, in a minute…

I wanted to write about Christmas- about how it was Jesus’ birthday with a Christmas tree and presents under the tree, like in the books and movies. How this tiny, but not so tiny tree, cut off from the ground  and decorated with big,small and medium sized balls and golden streamers, with that beautiful star on top- that was magical. And just when I thought I couldn’t get any more star struck, Mama turned on the lights. Those fairy lights,so aptly named, shimmering and shining, dancing and twinkling, making it all feel like the most amazing dream.


It wasn’t just the tree and the lights. The presents, the food, the feeling of being home for Christmas, like most others were during that time. That feeling of being home. That feeling of home- that is home 🙂

Home- where nothing out of the ordinary happens- where we watch a mindless show together and make fun of it, where we talk loudly about anything and everything, where Mama feeds us endlessly and loves us infinitely! Home-  where Sophie gets a big-ass pork bone as a Christmas present, because it’s her first Christmas with us!

And so, I have now written and told you about Christmas!



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