The Perfect Eyebrows

Anu is possibly north-east Indian. She has shiny black hair that is tied up most of the time (because I see her only when she is working). She has a heart-warming smile that makes her eyes smaller than they already are: the kind that makes you smile back. She’s not so tall and looks fragile and petite, but I would be afraid for anyone who tried to mess with her. But most importantly, she’s my best and most preferred eyebrow shaping genius!

It is a relationship of years- walking into the tiny salon on Sultanpalya main road, scanning the room for her or asking someone if I can’t spot her. I always feel anxious before stepping inside until the time I find her:
She’s on leave? I’ll come back the next day.
She’s busy with other customers? No problem, I’ll wait.
She’s free? Best thing to happen!

And then I switch off that control-freak part of my brain and go sit on a reclined chair and say- eyebrows and upper lip, pointing at said parts and lean back to let her do the magic. I use the word magic with gumption, because magic is supposed to effortlessly and painlessly produce miracles. That’s what Anu does. Magic!

Less than ten minutes of threading and my thick, wild and manner-less eyebrows would have been transformed to perfection – fit for the most feminine, graceful lady (just the eyebrows not the person they belong to). And my upper lip- that once almost teenage-boy thin moustache would have vanished (at least until the following 15-day visit).

Yes…for just fifty rupees (0.70 euros), not only was I transformed from an unkempt bear to a dame with sharp eyebrows with an attitude of its own, but I also get a mini-massage and how it works wonders when I have a headache! Sigh!!

I hardly imagined that one of the drawbacks of moving would be missing Anu. After some attempts of trying to find an Anu here (ha! like that was realistic), I have resorted to a tweezer and a precision trimmer. It’ll just have to do for now. Except, of course, when I am visiting Bangalore and I can tell this wonderful woman how much I miss her!



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