Of Drinks and Conversations

My idea of having coffee before I met my husband, was long conversations sprinkled with sipping the sweetest, most caramel-flavored coffee over the length of the conversation, sometimes slower. But that’s me, I am a slow drinker- of anything hot or cold. The focus of the experience of having that cup of coffee was the conversation, however amazing the drink itself was.

It’s also the reason I struggle to have my cup of tea on a weekday morning, when the morning is stressful and rushed (I mean, when is it not, right!). There just never seems to be enough time. But thanks to H, I’ve learnt to make time to enjoy that blissful morning cup of tea, and it really makes all the difference to the entire day.

Morning essentials. #chai #stonekettle #northeastIndiancrafts

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When we were at our usual bakery, one afternoon, getting a snack and this time, because it was a warm day, both of us got ourselves a glass of chocolate lattes each. It was chocolate milk, basically. Yummy nonetheless. We collected our drinks, sat at the table. Just as we settled down and started talking about I-can’t-remember-what, H had finished his drink. Finished. Gone. Inhaled.

This is not new. It is always like this. I was on my second sip and he had finished and the only reason I noticed in the middle of all my yapping was because of the sound the straw and ice was making with his attempt to get to the last bit of chocolate milk. “It’s so yummy!”, he said, as I looked at him, his glass and then my glass.

It’s strange how we do things- I enjoy taking time with that beverage while H inhaling his gives him the same pleasure. Well, at least it doesn’t hinder our communication being on the same page, even if our beverage consumption habits are not.



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