Second Trimester

Next Tuesday will mark the beginning of my third trimester! What! Where did time fly? And yes, I do try to keep those end of pregnancy things at bay so I don’t freak myself out.

I wrote briefly about the first three months of carrying das Baby here and here. The three months that followed were very different from the former, but similar in some other ways-

  • I cannot remember a time before I was pregnant, and H agrees on this one. I feel like this pregnancy has lasted forever (but also not really, when someone reminds how much time of it is left). And no, I don’t mean not drinking alcohol or eating raw meat so much.
  • das Baby has grown and now we can see it! All the organs had formed, like painting the outline at the end of the first trimester, and since, the details were being added (or so say my baby app and our doctors). It’s exciting to know when das Baby can hear, or see, or start practicing to breathe; when das Baby gets eyelashes, finger and toenails and hair.
  • From feeling like there’s gas in my tummy to now full on movements- watching this human inside my belly make bubbles and pokes, it has been magical, fascinating and so creepy!
  • In my opinion, das Baby has made a game out of bouncing off my bladder- yes, it’s real- I have to plan my day around restroom locations. And yes, so far I did sneeze and pee a little at the same time once, it was not nice and I hope that was the only time (although I highly doubt that).
  • This is the most beautiful I have ever felt- in terms of body image. I wake up feeling great, but as the day goes on, I feel the weight and tiredness of it all. I know I start to get clumsy and start doing everything in slow motion. That end of the the day feeling is not so great.
  • The backaches and leg cramps are real, but the hot water bags brought by the husband every night before sleeping help tons!
  • Random people tend to get excited and think it’s alright to touch my belly. So far it’s happened too fast for me to react with anything but an awkward smile and small laugh.
  • Food cravings have not been so crazy (I think). I had days when I wanted croquettes for dinner, followed by Franzbroetchen (a Hamburg version of the cinnamon roll). Some days I cannot get enough food, and others, I just don’t want to eat a lot (I have a weird feeling this also has a lot to do with Hamburg weather).
  • As das Baby gets bigger, I feel bigger. Cannot bend anymore, cannot walk very fast, cannot wear everything in my wardrobe, cannot sleep in one position very long, cannot sleep through without at least one toilet break. I’m sure there are other things, but I cannot remember.
  • I can get massages, can sit around just because I feel like, can take a nap after breakfast, can push my belly out and get a seat on a crowded bus or train,  can get food cravings satisfied, can win arguments (sometimes, without reason). Again, there are other things, I just can’t think of them at the moment.

Not so thrilled to pose for the camera. #SophieStories #BabyBump #BabySiemens

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But more than any of the things I can and cannot do, I enjoy lying on the couch or in bed, being wide awake, watching and feeling das Baby, gauging reactions to conversations, to singing or reading, to H’s voice, to H’s rendition of songs from The Jungle Book, and also occasionally moderately yelling to ask das Baby to stay away from my bladder.

Cannot wait to see our little puncher and kicker! Hello final trimester!


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  1. this motherhood is so exciting, painful and joy when you finally see the baby in your arms…… know why I love you so much now

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