Sophie Story 001

Sophie the Brave

The sound of the dishwasher, the doorbell, carton boxes, bird feathers on the street, strangers without dogs, strangers with noisy things, anyone walking by too close- what do all these things and more have in common? They all scare Sophie.

We’re not sure what kind of trauma she endured before she was with us, but she is a sensitive lady and we try to help her with it as best we can. She is protective, but not aggressive. She chooses flight over fight and so, she’s not your typical watchdog. That’s fine because we never intended her to be. She is wonderful exactly the way she is, and she is the best company.

She has her quirks. One of them is how she goes completely crazy when we go to an open space. She runs like the wind and you can really see what a free spirit she becomes. Here is a sample from last year:

When we visited my cousin in Copenhagen, we decided to take her with us, since we were driving (she loves the car) and found a dog-friendly Airbnb. While she did take time to adjust to the new city, we found a perfect place for her to run wild and free- it was a lake with long stretches of lush green grass.

On one of the evenings we went out for a walk, there was a massive gaggle of geese resting and enjoying the sunshine. I couldn’t resist. I know it’s very impolite to the geese but I knew what it would happen and decided to just be brats about it. We let her off her leash and there she went:

See how much fun she had and how proudly she strutted back to us! I’m sorry plump of geese, that was not nice. But look how happy you made Sophie!

Seeing her like that fills up our hearts and we find ourselves incapable of showing how much we love her. Sometimes we wonder who rescued whom, we her, or she us!