Sophie Story 003

The Protective Sister

After K was born, H and I talked about how to introduce him to Sophie. Someone suggested going to her with one of K’s used diapers- seemed like a sensible thing to do, as a first scent. Apparently, this is also a more common practice here than we thought because when H asked the nurse for K’s used diaper and thought he had to explain the unusual request, she wasn’t that weird-ed out.

So that evening, H got home and got to work :

When K and I came home, Sophie was so excited to see me after so long, but also super curious about the thing that had come home with me. While H held him, she inspected the little creature from head to toe, probably making the connection.
She’s been watching him closely ever since, making sure he is safe, especially from others who are not me or H. She follows us to every room we take him; she is there for nursing and diaper changes- all the while by K’s side, occasionally smelling him.

My four-legged princess who was, just a week ago immensely anxious when the door bell rang, is now growling at visitors, even placing herself strategically between them and K, even as they attempt to befriend her. Her posture, her eyes and ears all go up as soon as there is any movement that concerns K.

This same, once morning dog┬ánow has to be forced to go out on walks because she refuses to leave K’s side. Even when she is out, she quickly finishes her business, and drags H towards the house, I’ve been told.

I had no doubts that she would warm up to K, but even as we watch her be braver than she ever was before, we are proud and in awe of her, wondering what she must make of this little boy who has now become a member of her world.




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    so cute…. now you they are much better than humans

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