Meri Maggi Story

Although it’s not a healthy snack or meal, I have had Maggi too many times to associate it with just one memory.

As a child, I remember it being served hot to me by Amma as soon as I reached home after getting off the school van. I used to watch SWAT Kats and later Pokemon while devouring my plate of Maggi noodles.

I remember making it for breakfast during school holidays, after waking up really late, finding myself home alone with Max. It was one of the first things I learnt to cook (I know this is true for a lot of us Indians).

In Manipal, I distinctly remember that farewell party evening after a terrible semester, when I made my way back to the apartment after buying myself a cup of ice cream in a tipsy state. That was the worst plate of instant noodles I had made- it was a sad, lonely evening and that plate of Maggi was even worse and did nothing to cheer me up.

Fast forward to Hamburg- a packet of Maggi noodles for 50 cents (about 40 rupees which is equal to 4 packets in India) was the quickest fix for that drowning feeling of homesickness.
Now that this is more home than Bangalore, I tried not to eat it during the pregnancy (because of how aware I was that K was literally getting made with whatever I ate). I failed, as you might have guessed. There were nights before going to bed when I got hungry for some Maggi, yes. Specifically for ones with a specific number of tomatoes in it, cut in a specific way- made by my very obliging, sleepy and loving husband.

When we make these not-2 minute noodles today, I try to make sure it is at least semi-healthy, with some vegetables or at least an egg, if not anything else.

While I was delighted to share it on our YouTube channel, I must admit, thisĀ meal was the longest I have ever taken to make these supposed two minute noodles. Of course, it goes without saying, these plates of Maggi noodles were also the fanciest by far in my experience!