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  • Parenting is not all rainbows and puppy dogs, but it is the most powerful feeling of love I have ever experienced. What’s more, it has made me be content with discontinuous night sleep, and even look forward to mornings – nothing is as perfect as K waking up, recognizing my face and voice and smiling with so much happiness!
  • H and I have had to consciously and actively make time to spend with each other – a couple of hours in the evening when we are just a couple and not parents. This quality time makes the things whatever we do together (even if it’s watching a mind-blowing episode of Black Mirror) that much more precious and exciting!
  • Afternoon time is nap time with K. Just as I used to do with my Amma, K plays with my face and nose pin (as he discovers that he has hands and fingers and in fact has control over how they move) before falling asleep. It’s these small things that assure me there’s some “me” in him, because he doesn’t seem to look like me at all. (What happened, supposedly dominant South Asian genes!)
  • I have had some trouble with my health – in that I’m losing more weight than I should. It’s not a lot of fun feeling dizzy and weak. I’ve been told to eat like I’m not on a diet – all things fatty and at all times of the day. That’s easier said than done, but H not only makes sure that I get some nutrition but also that I like it.
  • I have “me” time every weekday evening, because I am back at German class. This needs a whole new post for. But short version: On most days, I feel like I could spend those three and a half hours in a more productive way. Although, this time around, I really have a feeling for the language and learning makes sense and is fun even!
  • Guilt for not giving Sophie as much attention as we used to has now re-allowed her to sit on the couch. She is very confused by this, because we trained her for nine months not to climb on our sofa. I wonder what she could be thinking sometimes, but I do miss spoiling her, and this is definitely something to work on. Note to self: make quality time for Sophie.

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    Take care of yourself, please!

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