Sick Day

After almost exactly a year, my menstruation cycle decided to pay me a visit this week.

It’s an uncomfortable thing for sure and something I realised I hadn’t missed at all. While I deal with cramps, pulls and aches, in addition to the hopping around that motherhood requires, I did find some comfort in my lunch today:

I woke up feeling so rotten and without an appetite. But I know better than not to eat, especially with the hundreds of calories breastfeeding takes from me. So the thought of some garlic rasam seemed like a good compromise.

After half an hour of cooking, I poured myself this wonderful smelling South India soup-curry on a bed of rice, added a very generous dollop of ghee and a side of beans poriyal. For company, I had Sophie and my laptop – the latest episode of one of the nonsensical Tamil shows I watch regularly.

It all ended up feeling like a big hug from my maternal family – as though I was sitting in my Paati’s house. (I could almost hear the outrageous comments from her and Thaatha.)

Why I appreciate this so much more is because K was asleep long enough to let me enjoy my meal. Usually, it feels like a conspiracy – he picks the perfect moments to demand attention (as I enter the toilet, or as I start having a conversation with someone, or when I pull the chair to sit and start eating). But not this afternoon, surprisingly! Maybe he also sensed I needed this today.

It’s amazing to me that a simple Rasam with its aroma of spices and flavour transported me to Bangalore today! Simple, powerful, wrapped in the cozy warmth of home 🙂


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