Two Sundays, One Monday

There is no way around Monday morning blues. In some ways, life is also like that, I guess. So, as I enjoy this warm, sunny Sunday with my kids, here are some of my two-truths-one-lie version of seeing the full part of my glass:

+ It’s going to be up to 26 degrees until the middle of next week. Promising for sure, since I am finding myself looking through summer clothes from my wardrobe in my head.

+ This also means long, fully enthusiastic walks with Sophie- she’s happy exploring her surroundings and I’m happy being in awe of Nature and her beautiful, dynamic, constant ways.

– H is working all weekend, so we can’t enjoy this weather together. I miss him and I wish money was given a little less importance in our worlds. Universal Basic Income, maybe?

+ A couple of friends also just became mothers. It’s nice to have other women to share and exchange stories with. It blows my mind to think of how much we’ve grown up since we first got to know the other.

+ Making new friends is easier when you’re younger and not over-thinking, at least for me. So when N came along (she also happens to be a new mom), I forgot how nice it can be to go on a first date. Thank you, N!

– As wonderful as it is be home with K, it can become really lonely sometimes. Thank you, German law for the possibility of working part-time during maternity leave. It’s a difficult, but much needed push back into the old normal with this new dynamic.

+ K is growing up so fast and learning so much! It’s amazing to watch him become a person and discover together what he likes, doesn’t like, and absolutely hates.

+ He seems to like the solid, puréed variety of vegetables and fruits we give him, in addition to cereal porridge. That face he makes when it’s a spoon of something new- priceless!

– This means he’s slowly weaning off of breast milk. Makes me feel bittersweet about him needing me lesser and lesser- specifically as a milk machine. Weird that I never considered feeling this way when he was born.

+ My weight is steady and I’m fitting into my old clothes again while slowly getting back to a fitness regime.

+ It’s nice to be able to bend without a football intruding and not having to pee 50,000 times a day.

– Postpartum hair is a b$&@!! Sophie and I are neck and neck when it comes to shedding hair. It’s close, especially after a round of vacuuming: her short, white hair versus my thin, longer dark hair.

+ I’m done with my German language exam. It went very well. Results are expected in a couple of weeks.

+ Classes have now proceeded to learning about German culture, history, politics: stuff that involves discussions, which is more interesting than trying to understand grammar.

– I can’t make it to class all days of the week and the more I skip classes, the more I don’t want to go. The sun being up till 9pm doesn’t help the lack of motivation.

I’ll stop with this: Here’s a comparison of how the size of my face has stayed the same from November to today. This is all sorts of Sunday’s and Monday’s for me, if you know what I mean!

Have a happy week and get through your blues quickly!