Plans and Un-plans

It’s been a tough week. K got his first vaccinations and coincidentally also dealt with the sprouting of two pearly whites. H was working full-time until day before so it was me at home with the kids, for most part.

K at the doctor’s before he got his injections.

Sophie, my sweet, darling girl is so intuitive. She knew something was up the moment we got back from the doctor. Even though he was asleep, she checked on K to figure out what happened. When he up and about the house later that day, she was constantly following him, sniffing him, licking him. Even telling her that he will be fine didn’t stop her from worrying. He, of course, thoroughly enjoyed the attention since he is the one who is usually desperate for her to notice him.

We pulled through the clingy-ness and the crankiness, icing and biting through the teething, and massaged the two little pink spots that turned purple on his bum cheeks before baths. Co-napping, extra cuddles, long walks together and tickling games probably helped as well.

Along with a difficult baby, losing control of the day’s routine did it for me. K being tucked in for the night, ensures some recharge time for me. Not getting that made me haphazard, like a robot who got water in it’s insides. But there was specific evening when all hell broke loose, and it took me giving up and giving in to the fact that the night is lost to get him to sleep. I justified it to myself, it’s a Saturday night, even for him this weekend.

Once he noticed me not being stressed out and frustrated, he happily chewed on his corn stick, drank some milk and slid into his crib like the angel he sometimes is.

Yes, it was a not-so-nice week, but my support system is what got us through it, Sophie on top of that list.

This picture below is from an unsuccessful visit to the lake near-by.

The expectation was to lie down and have my sleepy K doze off while I get some reading done, Sophie enjoying the sun and grass. The reality, sadly, was Sophie getting disturbed by every passer-by and not staying put, here a bark, there a bark, while K tried to follow her in a state of utter crankiness. It felt like complete chaos, trying to get both of them under control. After ten minutes, I gave up, folded up the blanket and we made our way back home.

It looks like he’s attacking her with his pacifier, but that’s not what happened.

Maybe it wasn’t completely unsuccessful.


  1. Babushka says:

    The universe laughs when mothers make plans. Truth!

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