Nenjakulle: The Ear Worm Series

After many months, K and I were listening to this sweetest of Tamil songs on repeat as a lullaby for his morning nap.

Tamil, my mother tongue is a beautiful language. I don’t have the understanding to appreciate it the way it deserves and I wish that was different, but that rant is for another time. This song, one of my many all time favorites, is poetry to the music composed by A.R. Rahman, the Oscar winning Indian musician (who for the record has made more phenomenal music than “Jai Ho!”. Uff! Slumdog Millionaire…let’s not even go there).

Back to this wonderfully written piece of art – part of the magic created by Mani Ratnam and Rahman. It has been one of K’s lullaby/ calming down songs since the very beginning, and I mean the fetus days. The fact that he recognizes music that we sing or play to him fills up my heart and gives me hope to nudge him slightly in the musical direction.

I remember one particularly tough day, about three weeks into his birth, when he just wouldn’t sleep, and screamed a migraine into me. It was this song that came to our rescue, along with some ambient vacuum cleaning white noise. For about 2 hours and almost 25 repeats, he was a sleeping angel in the swing made from his great- grandmother’s saree ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a song of longing, about a woman pining for her lover, unable to go about her life without him because she has him tied to her heart. All that in a dialect of the language that I didn’t really understand on my own.

It has made me cry in the past…ugly, uncontrollable bawling kind of crying during the times I needed it most. I love how something as simple and powerful as a song is able to do that.

Here is an MTV unplugged version of the song. How beautiful Shakthisree (the singer) is!


  1. colourwhirls says:

    Love your visually expressive way of writing! AR Rahman is a genius indeed.

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  2. Babushka says:

    I love love love this song. It used to be on loop for me too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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