Thacchi Mammu

K knows when he wants food. He’ll go on a “Mamm mamm mamm mamm…” complaining and asking song. Mammu in Tamil for babies is food, in spoken Tamil, it’s Saapaadu.

There might be very little in his appearance to show he’s mine, but my maternal heritage has a strong hold in the pool and has managed to pass on our love for Thacchi, Thayir, curd or yoghurt. His savory meals are never complete without a few spoonfuls of it and his excitement in recognizing the little box before I scoop it up always makes me smile!

Today was a really exhausting day. My only proper meal was devoured just a few minutes ago. I spent the day trying to get my hands on anything ready and gobbling whatever I could find ready in the kitchen, including a few Ferrero Rochers. My second cup of morning chai was had over the afternoon…and evening – the last sip was had before 6pm after three, maybe four times of reheating and forgetting about it.

Today was disorganized, irritating and just plain blah! I hope to be better tomorrow. Of course, as a good mother always manages, I didn’t let this affect my kids (hence the exhaustion).

It’s 8:15pm at this exact moment. I had a dinner that made up for my entire day’s non-food, and yes, of course it consisted of Thacchi Mammu, Thayir Saadam, curd rice, yoghurt rice. The first course was Rasam Saadam. All with a side of a potato and green beans poriyal, stir-fried potatoes and green beans, pesanji-fied, mixed (seems like a very inadequate translation) to reflect my mediocre skills. My Paati, grandma does it best.

Here is someone who explained what Curd Rice means to us and everyone who belong to my maternal culture :

Thayir Saadam is the best. Truly! It was the only thing I could eat without getting sick during my first trimester of pregnancy with K. Maybe that’s when he discovered how fantastically delicious and fulfilling it is!

Now I that I have left all this here, I’m going to bed…until I have to wake up in a few hours.

Have a lovely weekend!