I’m Here!

Just a short post to say I’m still around.

It’s been an exciting, adventurous and eventful last couple of months, all of which I hope to type down over the holidays.

But until then, I wanted to share this beautiful mug of hot chocolate which holds precious memories of a wonderful Saturday.

It was full of love, fun, laughs, some mulled wine, lots of quality conversation; kids dressed up and dancing, many Santas driving Mercedes cars and fake snow on the streets of a really cold Hamburg afternoon. If you did notice the chip on the mug, then you know that this perfect day also had its imperfections.

But isn’t that life? To be happier is to focus on the bigger picture and not ruminate over the five minutes spent chasing my super-active little monkey in a crowded cafe, waiting in long lines to pee, and wishing the other half of me was also around to witness all of it. Happiness is accepting that those not-so-perfect moments also are part of the whole.

Happy holidays, dear reader! Here’s hoping you are happy and jolly this Christmas season!

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  1. Babushka says:

    I visit WP only to hope there’s something to read from you. So yay!

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