Father’s Day

“I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.” ― Umberto Eco This morning started with H writing a condolence note to a childhood friend. Said friend has lost his father. As I watched…

All Aboard the Mothership

A year ago, my peach-sized embryo was turning into a fetus. It was wonderful feeling of anticipation to be part of Mother’s Day because I was theoretically already there. This new role has given me a clarity I have never had before and I wish I could put it aptly into words. It has given…

My Truth About Giving Birth

The story of my 20 plus hours of contractions, pain, midwives, pain relief, screams and tears all ending in (spoiler alert) a c-section.

Parenting and the Technology Drug

As a concerned parent, born before the internet took over our lives, I am unsure of how to deal. At the moment, I follow the “best to say no when you’re unsure” line of thought. Tell me more?

Maternal Souvenirs

Even though my two best women are in another continent, it doesn’t stop baby K from knowing them.

On Manhood and Being a Man

A little more than a month ago, I could barely move from the couch to the bed, forget shopping! So I wrote H a letter for his birthday this year. This post is an edited version of that letter because talking about constructed gender roles and our flawed system is important in attempting to make a change.


Parenting is so difficult and no wonder it is full of the biggest kind of responsibility, and we have been doing it only for two weeks! But two weeks is a long time, and even with all those terrible times, all the other precious moments make those nasty ones minuscule in comparison. 

My Heart Will Always Go On

Earlier this year, our baby-moon road trip through Prague and Berlin was planned around one event- a Celine Dion concert. Even through my excitement, I knew this could shape K’s taste in music.

Why You Won’t Be Getting a Picture

We are all in it- this vicious, self-indulgent, never-ending cycle of posting pictures, sharing online- of forgetting to live in the moment and be present, physically and mentally for special moments, or even mundane everyday-ing and make somehow try to make it all share-online-worthy. I am completely guilty of it too. But not when it comes to K.