On this day in 2014, a blue-eyed boy had made dinner for me. I was in creme-colored shorts, with a blouse that also doubled as a sweatshirt. I remember taking extra time to do my hair, draw my eyes, and use my special-occasion perfume. He had painstakingly made chicken with a reduced tomato-thyme sauce, and…


Today marks three years of an adventurous matrimony for me and H. It’s been 1095 days of love, laughter, happiness and truly dropping into adulthood. Some of those days are also witness to the most testing times, the worst fights, arguments and oh so much door slamming! You know how there are jokes about marriage? And…

Of Drinks and Conversations

My idea of having coffee before I met my husband, was long conversations sprinkled with sipping the sweetest, most caramel-flavored coffee over the length of the conversation, sometimes slower.

6th April

…is the day Max was born, about 16 years ago. I’ve written about Max before very briefly here. He was my first four-legged sibling. I had just about graduated high school when he passed away and it took my mind about three months to understand what that means and how it was going to change my daily life. Today, I know how it has changed my life, in a broader sense.

The Perfect Eyebrows

Anu is possibly north-east Indian. She has shiny black hair that is tied up most of the time (because I see her only when she is working). She has a heart-warming smile that makes her eyes smaller than they already are: the kind that makes you smile back. She’s not so tall and looks fragile…

One Year Later…

Last time this year, I was cold, homesick, lost and fighting to keep hope flickering. After all that sadness, all those tears and screams that Heiko had to endure, we have found a system that keeps things going. It’s not perfect, but it is something. I have found a version of me that has adapted to this strange land, full of its strange people…

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!”

How much I have associated (my favorite fairy-tale) Rapunzel’s long hair with the Malayali bride’s hair style! It’s probably the only reason that I had for being adamant about what kind of wedding I wanted (apart from the fact that it’s only a fifteen minute ceremony). I have watched my sisters-in-law adorned with hundreds of white Jasmine flowers on their respective wedding days. It was something I always wanted when I got married, even if it was to a man from any other culture.

Ode to My Ring Maker

The story behind my engagement ring and my way of keeping it in my every day.

Football and the German Stereotype

Post the Euro Cup, I have realised how very German I am. The change is pretty significant. Read about how I am now a fan of the German football team and my other “German” ways…

Disaster Averted

Sometimes (most times), planned days can’t foresee easily avoidable crisis. This one is about an accident that made me lose something precious (it’s material, so not so serious), but also taught me an important, practical lesson.