Twenty Eight

I used to be the kind of enthusiastic person who counted down my birthday from the half-birthday. I was also the kind of person who would remind everyone about when it was and tell them on the day for them to wish me. I used to get a ‘birthday feeling’ – it was this butterfly-like…

2018 : A Gist

This year has been one of the most challenging, emotionally and physically. The weeks and months were wrapped in blissful moments of happiness, uncontrollable tears of laughter, frustration beyond expression, anger that could not be comprehended, much-needed sobbing, and bountiful love. Bountiful, grounding, fulfilling love – that was constant through it all. This last month,…

Sharing Milestones

Two of my closest friends got married over the last few weeks (not to each other). That’s two weddings I’ve missed because of distance. Even though not being there completely sucked, I’ve realised that it doesn’t change our importance in each others’ lives.

Flash Non-Fiction 2.0

Flash non- fiction is non-fictional work of “extreme brevity that still offers character and plot development.”

Maternal Souvenirs

Even though my two best women are in another continent, it doesn’t stop baby K from knowing them.

Love, Light and Hope

It’s that time of the year again, and so soon! I was hoping to be in the hospital, waiting for the arrival of my little kicker- no, not yet.

Mother’s Day Firsts

I identify with Mr. George Eliot, ” Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” And I only hope that das Baby has the privilege of being as loved as I am by my Mamma and all the other amazing mothers I have in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to you, you beautiful carer!

6th April

…is the day Max was born, about 16 years ago. I’ve written about Max before very briefly here. He was my first four-legged sibling. I had just about graduated high school when he passed away and it took my mind about three months to understand what that means and how it was going to change my daily life. Today, I know how it has changed my life, in a broader sense.

Reliving Christmas

A month ago. That’s when I wrote my last post, or even attempted to write. Not that there weren’t ideas floating around, yes but that’s why, no? There were floating and I just let them float. But here is my justification (-ish): This month is so uneventful, I wanted to relive December, just a little…

Deepavali Nalvazthukkal

This festival season has me being very nostalgic, as is the cliche. Starting from Dusshera and Vijaya Dashmi and now Deepavali, I miss the first home- getting the lights out and decorating the house, dressing up, the rituals, the family gatherings, the big round table lunches and dinners and just how much yummy food seems…