On this day in 2014, a blue-eyed boy had made dinner for me. I was in creme-colored shorts, with a blouse that also doubled as a sweatshirt. I remember taking extra time to do my hair, draw my eyes, and use my special-occasion perfume. He had painstakingly made chicken with a reduced tomato-thyme sauce, and…

Sick Day

This week, my old friend Period came to visit after a long time. But some South Indian comfort food made her stay a lot easier to handle!

Keeping Up With Traditions

Diversity defines our lives and celebrating cultures and traditions is a part of embracing our differences and we cannot wait to share that with das Baby!

Monsoon and Summer

I always make a big deal about my birthday- the day, the week AND the month. And this time, on the weekend of June 30th, Hamburg, my new home, my safe haven, echoed my sentiments exactly- it was the weekend of a relentless, never-ending drizzle.

Reliving Christmas

A month ago. That’s when I wrote my last post, or even attempted to write. Not that there weren’t ideas floating around, yes but that’s why, no? There were floating and I just let them float. But here is my justification (-ish): This month is so uneventful, I wanted to relive December, just a little…

One Year Later…

Last time this year, I was cold, homesick, lost and fighting to keep hope flickering. After all that sadness, all those tears and screams that Heiko had to endure, we have found a system that keeps things going. It’s not perfect, but it is something. I have found a version of me that has adapted to this strange land, full of its strange people…

Number One

I am so blessed and privileged to have strong, loving mothers in my life other than her- my grandma, my aunts (maternal and paternal), Aunty B, my mama-in-law, Aunty N, and just so many many women around me who love me and and have shaped, and continue to shape my life. Mamma, Amma, Ma – she is my number one.

Flash Non-Fiction  

Random things I want to post because I currently deal with a virus attack on my precious laptop:  * It’s been a little over a week since I started work. It’s great to have this feeling back. I love that I don’t have enough time in a  day to do everyhting I want to do. …

Asterix and The Talkative Little Brat

I have always been told that I was a hyper-active, talkative, easily bored, always restless kid. I was. But when I look back and think of how my parents handled that endless supply of energy, seldom quieting me down, it makes me so grateful!

Football and the German Stereotype

Post the Euro Cup, I have realised how very German I am. The change is pretty significant. Read about how I am now a fan of the German football team and my other “German” ways…