Momcation in Beautiful Budapest

In early October, my first friend in Hamburg was going on his stag holiday. In my younger-Sandhya whim, I asked if I could also be a part of it and he graciously let me. Not only did it turn out to be an opportunity to spend time with some cool Indian boys but Budapest opened…

Window Seat

Today, for a brief couple of minutes, I shared my beloved window seat on the train into the city with my son. For those fleeting moments, he experienced first-hand what it’s like to sit and be amazed by the flashing picture of colour, of blurry life, natural and man made, on land, water and air,…

Silver Barter in Langeoog

This glorious summer, we cashed in our wedding present (from almost 3 years ago) and headed to Langeoog – a German island in the North Sea. Motor vehicles are not allowed. Only a small portion of the island is inhabited, bicycles can be rented and of course, there’s always walking. We chose the latter. It…


I love trains – short journeys, reasonably long journeys – give me trains over any other mode of transport (except when it’s from Bangalore to Hamburg, of course). It’s all kind of exciting : from the station to the platform, from getting on the train, finding the right seat and enjoying the chugging motions while…

My Heart Will Always Go On

Earlier this year, our baby-moon road trip through Prague and Berlin was planned around one event- a Celine Dion concert. Even through my excitement, I knew this could shape K’s taste in music.

Baby-moon Stop One: Prague

After driving a few hours and crossing over to the Czech Republic amidst what seemed like a hundred toilet breaks (thank you, pregnancy), we arrived to what turned out to be a wonderful three days.

Ripped Jeans and Out of Breath

It was a relatively cold morning in March, when we woke up and got ready in the midst of the Black forest, surrounded by mountains frosted with snow and the sun shown happy and bright.

Touring Hamburg in Five Hours

If you had one afternoon in Hamburg, these are the places I would recommend- just the right amount of walking, history and enjoying the view!