Sophie Story 006

Dinner is Hardly a Meal It's so gloriously warm. Summer is officially here and what better way to celebrate that other than with the longest of long walks and barbecue-ing. Last Wednesday was one such day. It was so warm, that I had used the opportunity to wear a saree to work that day (because... Continue Reading →


Sophie Story 005

How a mundane walk to the park with Sophie and baby K turned into an eventful afternoon on a cold, rainy day.

Sophie Story 002

There were a couple of mild, strange things going on in our apartment building at the time. This new development was in addition to those other series of weird happenings.

Sophie Story 001

Sophie has her quirks. One of them is how she goes completely crazy when we go to an open space. She runs like the wind and you can really see what a free spirit she becomes.

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