Monsoon and Summer

I always make a big deal about my birthday- the day, the week AND the month. And this time, on the weekend of June 30th, Hamburg, my new home, my safe haven, echoed my sentiments exactly- it was the weekend of a relentless, never-ending drizzle.

Bring On the Second Quarter!

One of my close friends turned 25 a day before me. His reaction to reaching the big number was something on the lines of conquering the years that are to come till he was 50! It’s a wonderful way to look at it if you think about it. Like a sort of reset button every time you hit 25, a second quarter, with all the growth and wisdom, the mistakes and silly things of the first.

When I Grow Up…

As I approach another number and it seems dauntingly big, even though the logic part of my head tells me it’s just another birthday, there is something about reaching your mid-20s, maybe?