Silver Barter in Langeoog

This glorious summer, we cashed in our wedding present (from almost 3 years ago) and headed to Langeoog – a German island in the North Sea. Motor vehicles are not allowed. Only a small portion of the island is inhabited, bicycles can be rented and of course, there’s always walking. We chose the latter. It…

Being Safe, Being a Woman

I started thinking about how inherent it is and how conditioned I am, hailing from the IT capital, once garden city of my homeland, to be aware of my surroundings at all times, restrict my travel to specific places and during certain times, learn to ignore eve-teasing but not enough so I know it won’t lead to trouble, avoid wearing certain clothes otherwise I would be “asking for it”, sit a certain way, talk a certain way…

Ripped Jeans and Out of Breath

It was a relatively cold morning in March, when we woke up and got ready in the midst of the Black forest, surrounded by mountains frosted with snow and the sun shown happy and bright.

Football and the German Stereotype

Post the Euro Cup, I have realised how very German I am. The change is pretty significant. Read about how I am now a fan of the German football team and my other “German” ways…

Touring Hamburg in Five Hours

If you had one afternoon in Hamburg, these are the places I would recommend- just the right amount of walking, history and enjoying the view!

Our Kleine Maus- Sophie Kutty

She is sleepy, active, naughty, well-behaved, cuddly and loves her alone-time. She is already spoilt, can be very embarrassing. She even has her own Sheldon Cooper-like spot. Say hello to Sophie!

Finding Purpose

For many reasons, some in my control, some not at all, I don’t have a job yet. For all intents and purposes, I am a housewife. There, I said it. It’s time I accepted that, however much I detest the term and everything that comes with it. After months of fighting it, I have now come to terms with it. That is who I am at the moment….

Daylight Saving : Off

More sunlight makes everything better…literally and figuratively. Spring is here!

Of Towels and Ice Cream

It takes time for the brain to process and internalize change. It’s been almost half a year since I wore the wife shoe. I admit I’m still trying to figure out how to run this house efficiently, along with Heiko, of course! Thankfully, there’s a positive push from time to time.

How Should We Be Remembered in History?

The bill that was passed in Denmark last evening, the rising support for Donald Trump and using the word “Islamophobia” are all steps in the wrong direction. This is my angry, frustrated rant on humanity.