6th April

…is the day Max was born, about 16 years ago. I’ve written about Max before very briefly here. He was my first four-legged sibling. I had just about graduated high school when he passed away and it took my mind about three months to understand what that means and how it was going to change my daily life. Today, I know how it has changed my life, in a broader sense.

Asterix and The Talkative Little Brat

I have always been told that I was a hyper-active, talkative, easily bored, always restless kid. I was. But when I look back and think of how my parents handled that endless supply of energy, seldom quieting me down, it makes me so grateful!

People Fade, Pictures Don’t.

Have you ever started digging for an old photograph and found yourself spending hours looking through tens of folders of other pictures, losing track of which one you started out looking for in the first place?

This has happened to me more often lately because I’m being allergic to organizing my files onto my new laptop. I think it’s my (not so) secret indulgence- reliving moments from the past …