2018 : A Gist

This year has been one of the most challenging, emotionally and physically. The weeks and months were wrapped in blissful moments of happiness, uncontrollable tears of laughter, frustration beyond expression, anger that could not be comprehended, much-needed sobbing, and bountiful love. Bountiful, grounding, fulfilling love – that was constant through it all. This last month,…

I’m Here!

Just a short post to say I’m still around. It’s been an exciting, adventurous and eventful last couple of months, all of which I hope to type down over the holidays. But until then, I wanted to share this beautiful mug of hot chocolate which holds precious memories of a wonderful Saturday. It was full…


On this day in 2014, a blue-eyed boy had made dinner for me. I was in creme-colored shorts, with a blouse that also doubled as a sweatshirt. I remember taking extra time to do my hair, draw my eyes, and use my special-occasion perfume. He had painstakingly made chicken with a reduced tomato-thyme sauce, and…

Symphony – The Ear Worm Series

This one is not even my kind of song. We listened to this every time we were in a cab in Bangalore 13 months ago. It doesn’t have pleasant memories. But today, as I sang this on repeat all day, I tried to figure out why it was unpleasant and searched for a way to…

Sharing Milestones

Two of my closest friends got married over the last few weeks (not to each other). That’s two weddings I’ve missed because of distance. Even though not being there completely sucked, I’ve realised that it doesn’t change our importance in each others’ lives.

He is Here!

After 40 weeks and on the due date, as though he had it planned all along, Kian decided an hour before the 1st of November to prepare for his entrance and how!

Mother’s Day Firsts

I identify with Mr. George Eliot, ” Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” And I only hope that das Baby has the privilege of being as loved as I am by my Mamma and all the other amazing mothers I have in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to you, you beautiful carer!

Reliving Christmas

A month ago. That’s when I wrote my last post, or even attempted to write. Not that there weren’t ideas floating around, yes but that’s why, no? There were floating and I just let them float. But here is my justification (-ish): This month is so uneventful, I wanted to relive December, just a little…

Reel Relationships

One of the most distinct memories of when I cried about something unreal was the time Sirius Black died in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, not the first time I was reading it, no. It was the third time. I knew it was going to happen but my silent sobs became louder as I inched closer to the dreaded page.

Number One

I am so blessed and privileged to have strong, loving mothers in my life other than her- my grandma, my aunts (maternal and paternal), Aunty B, my mama-in-law, Aunty N, and just so many many women around me who love me and and have shaped, and continue to shape my life. Mamma, Amma, Ma – she is my number one.