11 Months

Last year this time, I spent too much money eating salmon on buttered toast every single morning for a couple of weeks. It’s the only thing I wanted. Sophie and I spent the days lazing after a very slow walk (she took me for a walk I think) with a break at the lake so…

Pick Me Up

For 18 months, I’ve been carrying my baby. Full-time for the first nine and now sharing that with H. There is responsibility in carrying someone. The first and most important thing to remember is to make sure you’re strong enough to do it. I’ve worked, still working very hard to be strong to hold and…

Symphony – The Ear Worm Series

This one is not even my kind of song. We listened to this every time we were in a cab in Bangalore 13 months ago. It doesn’t have pleasant memories. But today, as I sang this on repeat all day, I tried to figure out why it was unpleasant and searched for a way to…

All Aboard the Mothership

A year ago, my peach-sized embryo was turning into a fetus. It was wonderful feeling of anticipation to be part of Mother’s Day because I was theoretically already there. This new role has given me a clarity I have never had before and I wish I could put it aptly into words. It has given…

Two Sundays, One Monday

There is no way around Monday morning blues. In some ways, life is also like that, I guess. So, as I enjoy this warm, sunny Sunday with my kids, here are some of my two-truths-one-lie version of seeing the full part of my glass: + It’s going to be up to 26 degrees until the…

Number One

I am so blessed and privileged to have strong, loving mothers in my life other than her- my grandma, my aunts (maternal and paternal), Aunty B, my mama-in-law, Aunty N, and just so many many women around me who love me and and have shaped, and continue to shape my life. Mamma, Amma, Ma – she is my number one.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!”

How much I have associated (my favorite fairy-tale) Rapunzel’s long hair with the Malayali bride’s hair style! It’s probably the only reason that I had for being adamant about what kind of wedding I wanted (apart from the fact that it’s only a fifteen minute ceremony). I have watched my sisters-in-law adorned with hundreds of white Jasmine flowers on their respective wedding days. It was something I always wanted when I got married, even if it was to a man from any other culture.


A lot has changed since my last post. I feel like I have finally arrived in Hamburg. Even officially, I now have a residence permit card (and it is quite fancy looking). I am learning German and I’m loving it. I am as diligent a student as I can possibly be, even if it means doing my homework before getting to class. Ah…school 🙂

When I Grow Up…

As I approach another number and it seems dauntingly big, even though the logic part of my head tells me it’s just another birthday, there is something about reaching your mid-20s, maybe?

Long Walks, Longer Thoughts

Every day, I discover new pathways and new areas along with Sophie. While she smells the grass, plays with the flowers and explores newness with her superhero smelling powers, I’m reading gravestones of people long gone, spotting a bird I’ve never seen before or just thinking a lot about…well, lots of things.